Anti-fascist March

Stop Fascism! – Stop Racism!

Join the Anti-Fascist March on Sunday December 27

The neo-Nazi group ELAM (Ethniko Laiko Metopo) plans to hold a march on December 27 with the explicit intent to rouse racial hatred. Its slogan “One foreign worker = One unemployed” is directly derived from Hitler’s slogan “4 million Jews = 4 million unemployed”, which paved the way to the Nazi Holocaust.

The objectives of ELAM are not hard to gauge. ELAM is linked to other neo-fascist groups, such as Chrysi Avgi in Greece, Forza Nuova in Italy and the NPD in Germany. Furthermore, through its web site it exalts the totalitarian “traditions” of EOKA B’ and the Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas. Definitive testimony of ELAM’s reactionary character are the military style marches it has dared to organize on the main streets of Nicosia for its thugs to assault defenceless migrants.

The Greek Cypriot neo-fascists are today bent on creating anew an atmosphere of instability reminiscent of those dark days of the past, whose tragic impact remains vivid in collective memory.

We call upon all democrats – citizens, groups, youth organizations, political parties and trade unions – to sound the alarm and actively engage in halting the rising menace of fascism. There are all too many experiences, both local and international, of how dangerous fascists can become if initially underestimated. This time round they must find us early on in their path.

Join the anti-fascist march on Sunday December 27th. Assembly point: Eleftheria Sq., 3.30 pm.

Anti-Fascist Initiative

For further details contact: 99583947, 99418575, 99372147


Critical Mass bike ride! Saturday 20/6/09 at 6.00pm at Eleftherias Square.
Afterwards there will be a street party at Phaneromenis Square at 8.00pm!


Demonstration at Ledras's McDonald's

Multinational companies destroy our health and the environment and they exploit workers and children with our contribution and accomplice (fast service+ capital= low quality+ human and children exploitation+ environmental destruction=> our own accomplice). Boycott now.

McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast food companies in the world, as all multinational fast food companies (Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, etc.), exploit all of us on a daily basis, earning their profits in our expense, whether we are consumers of their products or not. The following information is indicatory:

Let’s begin with the issue of the quality of “food,” which is being served in fast food restaurants. Their “food” contains large amounts of fat, salt, sugar, conservatives, synthetic colourings and scents, whilst it contains very low amounts (if any) of vitamins and fibres. Moreover, most of the meat as well as vegetables used by fast food multinationals are genetically modified. The DNA of the “animals” being bred for the purposes of consumption by such companies is modified so as for these “animals” to provide as much meat as possible and in order for these companies to increase their profits. As a result of these genetically modifications, these “animals” do not have any feet, bones, hair, tails, or ears and their head has the size of a tennis ball. Furthermore, the “food” being served at the restaurants of multinational companies not only is precooked, but it is fried in oil, which has been used several times before. As a result of the above, the consumers of such “food” face high risk of intestine and breast cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and other diseases related to mal-nutrition. There is no case for McDonald’s “food” to be healthy food, although they advertise that their “food” is nutritious and healthy. It is a logical induction that in order for McDonald’s to be able to sell “food” in low prices and at the same time earn the profits they do earn, their production costs are low, having as a result the low quality of the “food,” which results in all of the above consequences against the consumers of their “food.”

However, the negative consequences resulting from the operation of companies like McDonald’s do not affect only the consumers of their “food,” since the ecological disaster caused by them influences (in a negative way) all the inhabitants of planet Earth. The fast food multinational companies have a major role in the ecological disaster of the planet in so many ways. Huge rainforest areas are being destroyed, so as to bring cultivation land about for the cultivation of grain, which is used to feed animals for the production of meat for these companies. Moreover, by promoting the consumption of meat, fast food companies contribute to the greenhouse effect, since the cattle that are bred to cover the needs of the market produce huge amounts of methane, which is mainly responsible for the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, McDonald’s, as well as all fast food multinational companies, produce vast quantities of waste (plastic, carton and polyester), since they produce millions of kilos of redundant disposable packages.

McDonald’s exploits thousands of people throughout the whole world on a daily basis. 10year old children work in sweatshops in China and Hong Kong in the manufacture of toys that are included in the happy meals packages of McDonald’s. These children work 14-15 hours per day in slavery conditions, without freedom of movement and with the salary of 20-30 cents per hour. Certainly, these children do not enjoy the toys of the happy meals, which our children get excited to have, brainwashed by advertisements and other techniques (such as hideous clowns and playgrounds of questionable security). Moreover, the employees of McDonald’s restaurants are getting paid very low salaries, working with no employment contracts and do not have the right to join trade unions. In addition, multinational companies suck the labour of peasants in “third countries,” who also work under slavery conditions for the production of grain, which is used to feed animals used for the production of meat for these companies. Also, McDonald’s are indirectly and partly responsible for the starvation of millions of people, if one takes into consideration that it takes seven tons of grain, with which a lot of people could have been fed, for the production of merely one ton of meat and its products.

A rough calculation of the above information brings about that each burger or “happy meal” we consume consists of: 1) the labour and the deprivation of freedom of children in Asia, 2) the labour of peasants in the “third world”, 3) the exploitation of the workers in the restaurants and 4) meat, which is genetically modified and of low quality. The sum derived of the above calculation is the following: as long as we consume what the multinational companies serve us, we contribute in the (ecological) destruction of the planet, the death of innocent people and children from starvation and the deprivation of freedom and dignified living conditions of innocent people and children. The equation stands not only for McDonald’s, but also for every multinational company. Here lies the essence of the whole system of capitalism: the wretchedness and constant exploitation of the majority of people in order for a few people to get wealthier and more powerful perpetuating the power relations between people.


Anti-authoritarian Autonomous Action

Demonstration at Ledras's McDonald's: Saturday 23/5/09. Meeting at Phaneromeni Square at 16.00


15th Critical Mass Bike Ride

Against police violence and state terror

Cycling around central Nicosia

Saturday 9/5/05 at 18.00 at Eleftherias Square

Come with juggling games, colours, balloons, musical instruments, whistles and anything that creates a good atmosphere between us
Afterwards there will be a street party at Phaneromeni Square

Forward it!



Solidarity to Palestine

When the Pope of Rome Innokentious the third, imposed the isolation of the Judaists in ghettos for the first time in 1179, a long lasting history of violence was launched which finally resulted in the holocaust of millions of Jews in the Nazi army camps, in a climate of silence and indifference.
Sixty years after the Nagba, with the establishment of the Israeli state, the dismissal of the Palestinians from their land through a blood spilling catastrophe resulted in millions of people on the western front of the Jordan River in Gaza strip- the majority of them being refugees< living in the terrible conditions of occupation, exclusion, terrorism, bombings and tolerance in order to submit to the geopolitical plans of the sovereign Zionistic expansion of the powers in the area.
Gaza is a strip of land of only 360 sq km that is inhabited by 1,400,000 people of which 2/3 are refugees. The conditions after the predominance of the area by the organization of Hamas became destructive, having as a goal the submission of the population to the demands of Israel, USA and the cooperating with them president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmout Abas.
The isolation begins in 2001 and chronically becomes more suffocating, consequently resulting to the lack of basic needs such as water, food, fuel, electricity and medicines to the people of Gaza, which simultaneously have to deal with terrorism of the Zionist state. Through the international indifference and complicit silence, the Israeli government enjoys the awarding of the Americans and the tolerance of the EU who in their turn awards Israel despite their denial to conform to their own laws.
So, the Zionists impose their legal terrorist threat to Gaza, characterizing it as the “enemies education”, with Israel being the extending mechanism and being a controlling point by Anglo-Americans and the EU.
The Cypriot government - as a faithful dog- serves in its founding the benefits of the patron of the Anglo-Americans in the period of war at the gulf, for example airports, ports and telecommunications assisting the preparation and maintenance of the invasion in Iraq. In this climate lets remember the “anti-imperialist” AKEL that “demonstrates” against the war, even though at the same time the general secretary of the AKEL was signing the assistances towards the Anglo-Americans stating that they commit to the conditions with them. Today as the president of the Cypriot democracy signs with its European partners, the exclusion, the hunger and annihilation of thousands of innocent civilian people.
The exclusion of Tripoli port from ally ships, which where based in ports of the Cypriot democracy, the use of airports for the transportation of military and personal materials towards excluded Lebanon, the bombing of Libya in 1986 and the use of airports as the starting point for bombings. In 1991 the assistances in the first attack in the gulf war, just like the attack in Afghanistan and lets not forget the participation of the Cypriot state in the transportation of war prisoners with the ghost airplane of CIA to Guantanamo.
Moreover, we should highlight the role of the sovereign English bases on the island as in all previous circumstances that we referred to, of the participation of the English troops of occupation played and significant role of the transiting station, administrative provisionment and information in all the attacks of the area of the Middle East.
So once again the blind obedience of the Cypriot state towards its English “protectors”, that use the land of the “Independent” Cypriot State democracy uncontrollably and whenever they wish, as they bind with the agreements of Zurich- London. The managers of authority - either come from the right or left wing - always serve the same global interests allying with the universal exploitation.
The Cypriot European state was and is complicit in the slaughters in Gaza, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Lebanon

Antiauthoritarian Autonomous Action


The number of Palestinian causalities is so high compared to previous Israeli attacks , 385 killed and more than 1750 injured ( these numbers are valid at 31 December ) . The majority of Arab masses is only observing what is going on , with lot of outrage and anger , this is due mainly to the general atmosphere of fear and their marginalization that is strongly maintained by the ruling elites . Only a small minority of politically active individuals are participating in the protests on the streets . Those are mainly Islamic activists . This can be understood in two ways : That Hamas , which is leading Gaza strip , is the Palestinian branch of Muslims Brotherhood , the biggest Islamic organization that enjoyed influential presence in the biggest Islamic countries , usually in illegal way . On the other hand , that the left in Arab and Islamic countries had changed deeply since the fall of Soviet Union : big part of it was shifted from the traditional reformist policies of Stalinist parties to embrace the neo-liberal policies of the mainstream tendency of globalization , but kept the same old tactics : looking for compromises with the ruling elites , or promoting a "democratic" change based primarily on the neo-liberal policies and accepting the American , or in general the Western , intervention as the main way of imposing such "change" . To be fair , there is a tendency to create some influence of Trotskyism and , to less extent , Anarchism ; but these new tendencies are still very weak and elitist and lack any important presence or influence on the grassroots movements of the masses . In fact , the Arab masses were left to the propaganda of Islamists . Liberal and , the majority of , ex-leftist intellectuals opted to support the policies of the pro-American "moderate" governments ; while those leftists , who consider themselves as anti-imperialist , acted as mere supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah ; failed to extinguish themselves from these Islamists , or even more , failed to promote a real democratic and progressive approach and understanding of the going fight . It is clear that , despite the promises of Hamas that are attributed to their Islamic religious teachings not to the facts on ground , Israelis enjoy the upper hand and that their forces , with their determination to inflict as much causalities and harm as they can on the one and half million poor residents of Gaza , can defeat the resistance in Gaza . Pro-American regimes , like Egypt and Saudi Arabia , are doing anything they can to make the mission of Israeli forces as easy as possible ; for example , the Egyptian regime keeps the crossings of Egypt's border with Gaza strip closed in the face of humanitarian aid , in order to keep the people of Gaza facing hunger , darkness and the cold weather , which can weaken their resistance and create resentment against Hamas' leadership . These corrupt dictatorships became today symbols of "modernity" by neo-liberals as their master : Bush administration and its first ally in the region : Israel , the butchers of Gaza ; this proved to be the best propaganda Islamists received in these days . Of course , Islamic fundamentalists do not have real solutions , neither a democratic one , of the crisis ; or even the issues of fighting poverty or social injustice ; but due to the weakness of left here , and its vague understanding , and their proposed alternative , of these issues due to the strong influence of Stalinism and reformism ; these Islamists are now in the first line of the demonstrations against the American – backed Israeli aggression . This only reaffirms the importance of organizing anarchist propaganda and activities , that can , by word and deed , demonstrate a new , libertarian , alternative to both neo-liberalism and fundamentalism .

Mazen Kamalmaz (comrade from Palestine)


Demonstration against state police violence and in memory of Alex (9/12)

About 150-200 people took to the streets (Anarchists, youth against nationalism, gate 9) to demonstrate for a second day in Nicosia. With 3 banners, anti-police and state slogans and giving out text papers we marched through the center of town. We stopped outside of a police station and shouted slogans then continued towards the Greek embassy of Cyprus. On the way a "secret" policeman was spotted inside the demonstrated and was told to get out. At the Greek embassy we shouted slogans and tried to remove the barbed wire. We stayed there for about half an hour while a few rocks where through n at the policemen. Many oranges where though n as well at the police from another street. We passed from the Greek Army house aswell and ended up at Eleftheria square.

Demonstration against state police violence and in memory of Alex (8/12)

On Monday 08/12 we organized a demonstration to the Greek embassy against the state police and in memory of the 15 year old Alex who was shot dead by a greek policeman in Athens on Saturday night. We shouted slogans against the state and the police and gave out a text. 100 meters away from the embassy the police put up barbed wires and where already waiting for us. Some of us jumped over to the other side but where pushed back violently from the police. In a couple of minutes the barbed wire was removed by the demonstrators and pushing and struggling was going on and two activists where arrested. When we found out where they where held(Paphos Gate station) we went and demanded them to set them free. After about one our of blocking a main street of Nicosia, they where set free and we left the station.


We support the initiative for the old GSP stadium

The poster says:
No more shopping centers, bars and taverns
in the referendum for the Old GSP Stadium.

We vote for:
- Open and Free meeting places
- Without profit making institutions



Solidarity to the 7000 prisoners in Greece that are on hunger strike

After the demo of the Polytechnic uprising, the anti-authoritarian block paid a visit to the Greek embassy of Cyprus to protest against prisons and to show solidarity to the 7000 greek prisoners that are on hunger strike demanding better conditions. We put up a banner and shouted out slogans for about 15min and left peacfully.

Polytechnic Uprise 1973

On the 17th of November, we attended a demonstration in memory of the Polytechnic uprising in Athens against the Greek Junta in 1973. We gave out leaflets and shouted slogans. Our banner wrote "national unity is a trap".


Proposal for the creation of an Anarchist Middle East Network

This is the proposal that we sent to anarchist groups and people of the Middle East:

We are an Anti-Authoritarian group in Cyprus called Anti-Authoritarian Autonomous Action (ADA). We have been trying to find anarchist/ anti-authoritarian groups in the Middle East and have as a goal the creation of a network through which all these groups can come in-touch and communicate. We believe all these groups have common political concerns for example, racism, nationalism, religion, imperialism, immigration etc.
We would like to start this communication by exchanging information about each countries political situation. Then to work on finding common bases that will be the root of this new network.
We hope this brief call will eventually lead to a more in depth communication.
We would appreciate it if you came in touch with us.

With solidarity!

Anti-Authoritarian Autonomous Action


Protest against the remodeling of Nicosia in combination with Critical Mass

On Saturday 27/9 we had a protest in combination with a Critical Mass bike ride in Eleftheria Square, against the anti-ecological remodeling of Nicosia in general.

Two banners where put up, one from the Anti-Authoritarian Autonomous Action(Adakiprus) and one from some guys of Critical mass. A print was given out(in Greek). A bike ride then happened in Nicosia streets with highlights like the entering into McDonalds’ Drive through while shouting slogans and “Ledra Arcade” in Ledra Street. We ended up with live unplugged music (drums, Saxophone) in Eleftheria square while giving out prints and talking to people that passed by.

(Critical Mass Bicycle ride)

(McDonald's drive throught)

(Unplugged live music in Eleftheria square)


Peace Day

On the 1st of September we gave our symbolic presence at the peace-day march which was organized by the Platform united Cyprus. The banner we brought wrote(in English) "NO BORDERS, NO STATES, NO ARMIES". We also shared out flyers(in Greek and Turkish) which wrote "ALL STATES AND ARMIES OUT". The march began from Eleftheria Square and ended up at the Ledra Palace border where we met with the Turkish cypriot march that came from the other side.

Photos will soon be uploaded ..


Event (live) against the destruction of the camping

On the 09/08/2008, Saturday, there was an event (live) against the destruction of the camping site in Polis Xrysoxous. The calling said:

"In the past years we often see the camping site in Polis being destroyed secretly for economical reasons.
As to that, we are having a live event against cement and the destruction of the camping so we wake up our consciousness!"


Free Camping Festival

On the 18th and 19th of July 2008 a festival was organized by the Anti-Authoritarian Autonomous Action in Polis Xrysoxous camping site in the Paphos district. A banner was put up which wrote "We do not own anything. We claim everything"

The program included:

18th Friday:

- Dj: Traditional Music
- Discussion about Working class:history and synthesis (in Cyprus)
- Projection of documentary: Class War 74'-76' in Greece
- Dj: Funk/Hiphop/Reggae/Ska and more

19th Saturday:

- Projection of documentary: Trapped in the Green Line
- Discussion: Types of the Cypriot problem through an libertarian/anti-authoritarian perspective
- Concert: Intibah, Maouashala, Ghosts of Marketing

There where a lot of fliers-magazines-posters from past actions that where given out for free and free vegetarian kitchen!


No to the Remodeling of the Capital

On Saturday 31/05/08, in Eleftheria square, we gathered to demonstrate against the anti-ecological remodeling in Nicosia. We put up a banner which wrote "No to the Remodeling of the Capital", gave out fliers and played some rebel music!

The website which shows the remodeling of Nicosia's main square: www.platiaeleftherias.com

Critical Mass

On Saturday the 10th of May 2008 we took part in a Critical Mass bicycle ride through the streets in the center of Nicosia against the cutting of trees. We where about 100 people on bicycles, skateboards and roller-blades. Banners against tree cutting, cars and anti-ecological remodeling where put up in three places in Nicosia: On the walls of Eleftheria square, in Diagorou street and near the presidential palace. Great fun!

Independent Mayday

On the 1st of May 2008 we organized the first independent (from parties/authorities) Mayday march. We gathered in Solomos square holding a banner which wrote "Paid Slavery is Terrorism. Auto-organize, Solidarity, Fight Back" and started marching towards Eleftheria square. Police (all in plain clothes) stopped us as Akel(the "communist" party that is in power) was having their usual Mayday parade and was going to go past the directing that we where heading. So in the end we went past Eleftheria square from the other side, continued through Ledra street, stopped at the end of Ledra street where the border is and turned around again towards Eleftheria square.

All the way we where giving out papers which mentioned why we where marching and shouted out slogans like "No slaves no masters, down with the capital and paid slavery", "We don't want unemployment, we don't want work, we want to live without masters", "In Cyprus, Greece and Turkey the enemy is in the banks and ministries", "Turkish workers are our brothers" etc.

Again the police didn't let us go inside Akel's parade. People from Akel shouted fascist as well as stupid things against us like "we don't want you here"(in a public square), "dirty people" and some "bodyguards" of the party said to the policemen that if they don't take care of us they will do it. This is meant to be the "communist" party of Cyprus. Of course some people of Akel came to support us.

Some photos: